* The Floater online publication has closed *

Written by boaters for boaters, The Floater has for now closed and the website will vanish in January 2019. To preserve her extremely well researched articles and blog posts for the benefit of the waterways historical record, we feel priviliged to repost these articles here on londonboaters.org

We have preserved fifteen of the earliest editions within our Document Store under the category 'The Floater past editions'. All of the further more recent editions and blog post articles are reposted in our Features pages section, and each month's edition is also linked here below.

Keeping boaters in touch with news across the UK waterways network, this free online newspaper 'The Floater' was written designed and published by News Afloat - a unique boat-based publisher travelling on the British inland waterways. The Editor was Peter Underwood, and there is a The Floater Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/TheFloater/ and The Floater Facebook Group is at https://www.facebook.com/groups/921938364522405/ also you can Follow @TheFloater on Twitter

Allan Richards has been reporting for The Floater since the start. He has a talent for digging through layers of officialese to reach the facts.

Peter Underwood has written and edited The Floater from the beginning.

Frank Sanderson is a long term suppoorter of the Lancaster Canal and promotes the restoration of the Northern Reaches.

We think all of them are absolute legends worthy of great praise for so tirelessly working in their own time to help keep a critical eye upon the people who hold the most power over all boaters such as ourselves.

No doubt the Canal and River Trust will breathe a sigh of relief and sleep all the more easily under these now considerably less watchful stars. For now, that is ...

The Floater 2018 monthly editions
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The Floater 2016 .pdf files for downloading
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The Floater 2015 .pdf files for downloading
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