The Floater March 2018

Increase in performance failures 'satisfactory under the circumstances' claims C&RT

March 2018 - With C&RT's financial year ending, comes confirmation that the the charity will fail to achieve targets for at least six Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) . The first sign of failure was an admission, just four months into the new financial year, that the the Trust would be unable to meet its 2017/18 year end target of 28,500 'Friends'. Allan Richards takes a look at recently published figures that give the position as of January, some 10 months into C&RT's 2017/18 financial year.

Is a new logo enough to close C&RT's financial black hole?

March 2018 - Why does Canal & River Trust appear to be floundering and making changes which begin to look a lot like desperation? Just five years in, it is changing everything from its internal structures to boat licences and even selling off marinas – to say nothing of yet another corporate identity. Peter Underwood has been taking a long look at what lies behind the incessant urge to change.

C&RT boss won't reverse unjust removal of Northern Reaches adoption

March 2018 - Canal & River Trust's interim waterways manager for the North West, Steve Higham, is adamantly refusing to reinstate the Owd Lanky Boater's adoption of the Tewitfield lock flight – despite admitting that he can't justify the ending of the agreement by his predecessor Chantelle Seaborn just before her departure from the Trust.

Steve Higham agreed to speak to The Floater's Peter Underwood and the interview was recorded in a busy bar at Liverpool Marina.

The C&RT bonus culture

March 2018 - A Gender Pay Gap statement issued on 8 March shows that the Canal & River Trust is still operating a bonus culture, writes Allan Richards.

Waterway Partnerships cost £800,000 a year and failed to raise ANY cash

March 2018 - C&RT’s reorganisation grinds on. It appears to be aimed at shedding senior managers by decentralising many of the functions centralised by Chief Executive, Richard Parry, just a few years ago. Evidently, the Trust is trying a ‘new broom’ approach, with the old broom still in charge. Allan Richards delves deeper into one of the reasons for reorganisation - Waterways Partnerships failure to attract funding.

C&RT license hike plans alienate all sides

March 2018 - It seems that Canal & River Trust has managed to upset both friends and foes with it chaotic licensing review and selective use of the confused findings – just as many boaters predicted when it was first announced. Peter Underwood reports.

Boater cleared of assault on rowing marshall

March 2018 - A boater labelled a ‘Hammer-Wielding Bird Lover’ by the media has been cleared of an alleged assault after a a group of rowing marshalls claimed he had attacked them.

The National Bargee Travellers Association reports that James Deane, a disabled Cambridge boat dweller who says he was attacked by a group of rowing marshals and then arrested for alleged assault on one of them, was found not guilty of all charges at Huntingdon Magistrates court.

Is C&RT selling BWML to pay off £13m loan?

March 2018 - Canal & River Trust has decided to throw in the towel with its BWML marina subsidiary and sell it. This will allow one of BWML’s larger competitors, or a new competitor, to expand massively by acquiring 18 marinas and over 3,000 berths. Allan Richards delves into BWML’s history.

Canal & River Trust tries to mitigate HS2 impact

March 2018 - The Canal & River Trust is trying to persuade politicians to change existing plans for the new high speed rail link North of Birmingham, the section that runs from the West Midlands to Crewe will impact on the Trent and Mersey Canal in three places, and may mean canal closures over many years, as Alec Wood reports.

Higher costs for wide boats but no CCer penalty - yet

March 2018 - After claiming it wanted to simplify the licensing system the Canal & River Trust has now announced it is about to make it more complicated and expensive for some. It also seems to have quietly abandoned it's earlier claims that changes would be revenue neutral, as Peter Underwood reports.

It now seems the purpose of the consultation was 'to ensure the financial contribution made by boaters towards the cost of looking after the waterways is spread fairly across the boating community' according to C&RT.

Towpath crime rising?

March 2018 - Keeping both yourself and your boat safe from thieves, and worse, on the towpath is becoming more of a problem for boaters, especially in some of the less salubrious parts of London but also elsewhere, including some surprisingly rural spots, as Peter Underwood reports.

Set against a background of a government which has shrunk police budgets and reduced numbers over many years, it is unsurprising that boaters should become victims of the rising crime rate, alongside land dwellers.

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