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Please feed swans - bread is OK! Sticky

Photo of underweight baby swans

Now more than ever our swans and other water birds need you. Sadly with many parks instigating a no bread policy, with no...

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* The Floater online publication has closed *

Written by boaters for boaters, The Floater has for now closed and the website will vanish in January 2019. To preserve her extremely well researched articles and blog posts for the benefit of the waterways historical record, we feel priviliged to repost these articles here on

London Boaters appreciate NBTA London

Photo of NBTA banner at canalside

The NBTA is an open organisation which aims to defend and improve our community’s way of life.

"The NBTA London is campaigning for the rights of boat dwellers and are fundraising to cover basic costs such as awareness-raising, printing, meetings and importantly, helping other boaters. Please help us to continue our work. The NBTA's website explains why here.

Enclosure of the commons in the lower Lea valley - Some history and a new campaign

Image of a meeting in Copenhagen Fields

The following link leads to a recent article; Resisting enclosure past & present: East London Waterworks, Leyton Marsh, and the Leyton Lammas lands, by mudlark121 - Resisting enclosure past & present: East London Waterworks, Leyton Marsh, and the Leyton Lammas lands

Bottle gas delivery

For fast bottle gas delivery service call B Ernest gas 07704136871 for quick same day delivery service. We also sell coal, fire lighters, heat log, wood kindling, Firelog, wood logs etc.

You can also order online at :

Anti-boater fight for land at Hampton Court

Photo of the River Thames near Hampton Court

A report by BBC London published on 15 Feb 2019, explains how another 'land grab' controversy is taking place, this time on the Thames just outside London.

"A battle has broken out on the River Thames about who owns and controls a huge section of river bank near Hampton Court. No-one had ever previously tried to register ownership of the land, but now the Environment Agency is attempting to, they face a legal battle with a tight-knit boating community based there who are worried about their future. Gareth Furby has the story. "

A new boat yard at Stonebridge N17

Photo of Stonebridge Boat Yard

Just bring your boat to Stonebridge and ask us to empty your bilge. If you do it Wednesday to Sunday you can go to Steve and Christine's cafe while you wait.

The busy little boat yard is pleased to announce our new offer. Lister SR and BMC engines oil and filter changes 90 pounds. Beta/Isuzu etc from 100 depending on model (yes that includes the parts). All offers include a free alternator charging check up. Call 07909520920 to book.

BATTERY TESTING CHARGING MAINTENANCE and DISPOSAL - We now have electric supply onsite, so if you want to know the condition of your battery, want to put it on charge overnight or have a dud you want to try and recover, give us a call or pop into the boat yard above Stonebridge lock.

Aire and Calder Barges - VIDEO

Support the Yorkshire Ex-Commercial Barge Club

All the craft are privately owned and on the National Historic Ships Register, saving the past for the future, but not getting any help from C&RT. They are trying to impose huge 25% cost increases on us for less than 5% access to the network.

All boaters need to unite and look after the interests of each other no matter what their craft type, we all have a place on the waterways that belong to us already. United we stand, divided we fall.

Crowd-fund a canal link to the Lakes

February 2017 - Frank Sanderson looks at the efforts of a determined canal restorer and the tremendous impact he is having in the North West of England.

Colin Ogden is one of those enthusiasts who embody the spirit of the early canal restorers back in the 1950s and 60s when authority was there to be challenged.

He is determined to see the abandoned Northern Reaches of the Lancaster Canal restored.


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