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Too many chiefs at C&RT?

March 2017 - Allan Richards has been taking a look at the management costs of the National Trust and the Canal & River Trust and the ever-expanding top management of C&RT gives rise to some serious questions

Leaving aside its 11 trustees, why does Canal & River Trust (C&RT) have nine highly paid executive directors? In 2012, it only had six.

Now it has three more but it is difficult to see what has changed that increases the need for executive directors with remuneration packages ranging from over £100,000 to more than £200,000.

Mugs Afloat trade from a D'riculous boat

March 2017 - By Peter Underwood

The Floater takes another of its monthly looks at canal traders – people creating businesses on our canals and rivers. Their numbers are increasing almost daily and the chances are you will see a floating market or a sole trader on the canal at most times of the year. As Peter Underwood reports, our latest traders combine design with a determination to live a different lifestyle.

Explorer cruise of highest, deepest, longest tunnel

March 2017 - By Peter Underwood

There is no shortage of boaters who fancy stretching their boundaries and tackling the many locks leading to and from the Standedge Tunnel – but are a little nervous of the sheer amount of work and the unknown.

Boaters protest East End gentrification

March 2017 - By Peter Underwood

The National Bargee Travellers Association is keeping up the pressure on the Canal & River Trust on several fronts – and the latest is what they see as the gentrification of the canals in London. Peter Underwood has tidied up the press release.

The area in question are former public moorings on an historic wharf right next to the gas works (Corbridge Crescent) in Tower Hamlets that are set to be made into private leisure moorings as part of “regeneration” of the area.

Boater's Appeal Court victory on Human Rights

March 2017 - Peter Underwood looks at an unprecedented Appeal Court victory which says the human rights of boaters must be taken into account by C&RT.

An Appeal Court decision may put the brakes on the Canal & River Trust's attempts to make life increasingly difficult for continuously cruising live-aboard boaters.

How C&RT lost in the Appeal Court

March 2017 - Allan Richards looks at how C&RT ended up with an Appeal Court decision that questions its approach to Continuous cruisers.

Three Law Lords have upheld an appeal by boater Mathew Jones in a Section 8 case. Lord Justice Jackson, Lord Justice McCombe and Lord Justice Sales found that a County Court Judge was wrong in striking out a number of paragraphs in Mr Jones defence based on Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (ECHR).

Contractors endanger our future say boaters

March 2017 - Peter Underwood looks at boaters' reaction to the massive contracts handed out by the Canal & River Trust at the start of the year.

It seems boaters are not as fond of contractors working on our waterways as the Canal & River Trust. Nearly nine out of ten think contractors are a threat to the future of the waterways.

Boaters tell C&RT to think again on tunnel plan

March 2017 - Peter Underwood has been looking at boaters' response to C&RT plans to narrow a Birmingham canal tunnel to make more space on the towpath.

There has been an overwhelming rejection by boaters of plans to narrow the canal through Birmingham's Edgbaston tunnel in order to widen the towpath for cyclists and pedestrians.

When in trouble - hire a spin doctor

March 2017 - Peter Underwood has been looking at the 'cunning plan' of C&RT in the North West to get out of the swamp of failure it has created on the Lancaster Canal and its abandoned Northern Reaches.

The Canal & River Trust has finally decided to do something about its squabbling with the Lancaster Canal Trust – which has effectively neutered the organisation - and the failure of the Lancaster Canal Regeneration Partnership to do anything effective about restoring the Northern Reaches.

The 'Friends' numbers just keep changing

March 2017 - Allan Richards has kept tabs on the many and various claims made by C&RT for the numbers of paying 'Friends' recruited for some years – and it seems there is still a glaring disparity as it attempts to cloak its failures.

C&RT has told its trustees that that it will not meet this year’s revised target of 22,500 ‘Friends’ by the end of March (Still not enough ‘Friends’ income for C&RT).


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