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Lobbying isn't always done in public

March 2017 - Allan Richards has been looking at some of the less publicised corners of the charity lobbying business.

The dark art of political lobbying is probably regarded as a necessity by major charities but it is not so much the public contacts with politicians as the murky, behind-the-scenes contacts that are fascinating.

Windlass Do's and Don'ts - VIDEO

February 2017 - Sue Cawson, a lifetime boater, liveaboard and owner of an historic boat, as well as a member of C&RT's Navigation Committee and a stalwart of the Historic Narrowboat Owners Club reckons she knows a thing or two about boating and argues that traditional techniques can be adapted for modern boating.

So we have challenged her to produce some bite sized bits of advice and a few months ago she wrote about the simple issue of windlasses.

Crowd-fund a canal link to the Lakes

February 2017 - Frank Sanderson looks at the efforts of a determined canal restorer and the tremendous impact he is having in the North West of England.

Colin Ogden is one of those enthusiasts who embody the spirit of the early canal restorers back in the 1950s and 60s when authority was there to be challenged.

He is determined to see the abandoned Northern Reaches of the Lancaster Canal restored.

RCR boss attacks London boaters

February 2017 - Peter Underwood looks at attacks on London boaters by a canal business and local people.

A diatribe by Stephanie Horton, the boss of River Canal Rescue (RCR), which offers a mobile repair service for boaters and an angry letter from a resident of trendy Islington shows some of the pressures now being experienced by London's liveaboard boaters.

Stephanie Horton decided to jump on the bandwagon of claims by some locals that London’s infrastructure was unable to cope with the increasing number of people living on boats.

Photo-opportunities and making the most of maintenance

February 2017 - Peter Underwood looks at the most recent public relations campaigns by the Canal & River Trust's spin doctors and attempts to remove the spin.

Providing Government ministers with photo-opportunities and using the occasion to lobby them to ensure both that funding continues to flow and any future legislation is framed the way you want it, is key to the future of any charity and the Canal & River Trust in particular.

Arts and craft on the towpath

February 2017 - By Peter Underwood

The Floater takes a look at canal traders – people creating businesses on our canals and rivers. Their numbers are increasing almost daily and the chances are you will see a floating market or a sole trader on the canal at most times of the year. As Peter Underwood reports, our latest traders bring both art and craft to the towpath.

The canals seem to attract those with an artistic eye and people who have an affinity with nature and Morgan and Sue and Sue have created businesses based on both on board their purpose built boat Sunbeam.

All change for C&RT boat licences?

February 2017 - The announcement of a shake-up of C&RT licences will open a can of worms, predicts Peter Underwood.

Despite the strange departure this Easter of Mike Grimes, Canal & River Trust’s Head of Boating, the organisation has decided to plough ahead with an attempt to change the way boats are licensed.

It is a decision that could easily result in bitter disputes between the charity and various boating groups.​

Still not enough ‘Friends’ income for C&RT

February 2017 - Allen Richards investigates

Since the monthly target for the number of paying ‘Friends’ recruited was published in the last annual report the pressure on Chief Executive Richard Parry and fundraising director Sophie Castell is very public – but Allan Richards has been looking at the numbers and it seems targets are still being missed by a mile.​

C&RT has confirmed that it will miss its latest target of having 22,500 ‘Friends’ (regular donors) at the end of its current financial year (2016/17).

C&RT's contradictory statements on lock safety

February 2017 - Allan Richards looks in more detail at the contradictory statements being made by the Canal & River Trust about the safety of the Bank Newton locks on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal – now the subject of intense scrutiny after the charity settled - out of court and at considerable expense - a case brought against them by Ken Churchill after his vessel sank in lock 40 on the flight.

C&RT contracts get longer and larger

February 2017 - Peter Underwood looks at the way work and skills are contracted out by C&RT in ever bigger contracts running for much longer periods.

Replacing skilled staff with contractors is a process that started with British Waterways and has continued under the Canal & River Trust- who have gone a step further by amalgamating contracts so that large swathes of expertise are completely dependent upon a single contractor.


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