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Is C&RT finally listening on Safety Standards?

May 2017 - The Canal & River Trust has claimed it did not receive a report of a lock that did not meet minimum safety standards, made by Floater Journalist Allan Richards, who explains what happened.

A report was made about the faulty lock using C&RT's own online reporting mechanism with a 'screen shot' taken of both the report and the acknowledgement screen. However, this report was seemingly ignored; with the Trust later saying that the report had never been received.

Boaters beware - more fines planned

May 2017 - Boaters tempted to take a chance on an empty mooring should beware – the Canal & River Trust is planning to fine you. Peter Underwood reports.

Some boaters paying mooring fees to the Canal & River Trust have received a letter telling them of plans for a £75 a day fine if they overstay after terminating their mooring agreement.

It will also apply to a boater who moors on C&RT long term moorings, even though there may be an empty spot.

Boat families urged to contact C&RT

May 2017 - How the Canal & River Trust should treat liveaboard families with children at school has been the subject of much debate – in the courts and with MPs, as well as boaters. Peter Underwood reports on the latest moves.

The National Bargee Travellers Association (NBTA) is advising all families continuously cruising with school age children to contact C&RT to negotiate a reduced cruising range in term time if this is what they need.

NBTA Chair, Pamela Smith says it is something boaters should do, 'Despite the limitations to what C&RT is offering.'

Not all volunteers are equal in C&RT eyes

May 2017 - Peter Underwood looks at the attempts to stifle and ignore one of the newest and most successful restoration groups in England.

Across the country the Canal & River Trust is desperately recruiting volunteers - so the way in which it has discouraged and excluded the most enthusiastic and effective people working on the restoration of the Lancaster Canal's Northern Reaches takes some explaining.

Plastic day boats arrive in London

May 2017 - The first self drive day boats have arrived in central London, perhaps the busiest canal in the country – Peter Underwood has been looking at how the city's canals will cope.

The first four boats arrived in Paddington Basin on Tuesday on a lorry from Scandinavia, and C&RT has arranged for them to use a visitor mooring pontoon on the side opposite the hospital. Additional visitor space has been created beneath the hospital on the other side of the basin to compensate.

Will C&RT ever have100,000 Friends?

May 2017 - Why do so few people want to be fee-paying 'friends' of the Canal & River Trust. Allan Richards looks at the continuing failure of the Trust to reach its target for 'friends'

Just two weeks before C&RT's fifth financial year end, one of its longest serving trustees, John Dodwell, confirmed that it still embraces its long-term target of 100,000 Friends – in effect regular donors - over ten years. ​

Canals work better with courtesy

May 2017 - Debate about boating etiquette varies around the system. In London many are happy if boaters manage to close lock gates and drop paddles but elsewhere there is a sort of annual build up of irritation – especially by those who feel we are losing the common courtesies that made the system function, as Peter Underwood reports.

Fishing Match brings 15 miles of anglers to top boating canal

May 2017 - Peter Underwood looks at plans to stage one of the countries biggest fishing matches at the height of the holiday boating season on one of Britain's most popular canals.

Hundreds of the nation’s top anglers are set to descend on the Shropshire Union Canal in the middle of August for the Division One National Championship – 500 of them in fact, spread over 15 miles of the middle of the canal near Market Drayton.

And there will be lots of anglers lining the banks in the lead up to the event as the teams are allowed to stage practice matches before the main event.

Where there's water, there's money

April 2017 - Making money from canals and waterways comes in many shapes and forms – but the property business is a never-failing source of income, as Peter Underwood reports.

Just by being there our waterways are earning the Canal & River Trust around £7.4m every year. That's how much it earns by allowing developers and other land owners to drain surface water into the canals rather than paying to connect drains to the public sewer.

The concept isn't new but it does have a section of the C&RT website devoted to it.

Stuck in a tunnel - for nearly a day

April 2017 - A 20-hour nightmare jammed in a low tunnel was the start of the cruising season for a boat leaving Hawne Basin on the Birmingham Canal Navigations, as Peter Underwood reports.

While making their way towards Netherton, and just after entering Gosty Tunnel the boaters found their boat, suddenly and without warning, stopped dead when it became jammed solid by a large log against the tunnel wall.


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