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Liverpool World Heritage status under threat

June 2017 - Any boater who has used Liverpool's new canal link through the old docks and spent time in Salthouse Dock will appreciate what a special place it is - but by next year it might no longer be a World Heritage site, as Peter Underwood reports.

Trust issues safety warning to summer swimmers

June 2017 - Many boaters have come across youngsters swimming in the canals, even jumping and diving into locks as hot weather draws them to the canalside – but it is a prospect that – rightly – makes Canal River Trust nervous, as Peter Underwood reports.

It's pretty common for older boaters to complain about the 'health and safety' culture of the modern waterways, but the consequences of not protecting the public with effective health and safety rules has come home to all but the most dyed-in-the-wool in recent weeks.

Trust's answer to speeding 'lycra louts'

June 2017 - Peter Underwood reports on the Canal & River Trust's latest attempts to reduce the number of collisions and injuries involving cyclists on our towpaths – ranging from cut-out ‘sleeping policeman’ to spray on signs urging people to slow down to two new videos.

The Canal & River Trust claims its towpaths are “fast becoming one of the nation’s favourite places to relax” but speeding cyclists, especially in urban areas are turning them into a nightmare for families, pet owners and tourists.

Anderton Lift delays cause protests

June 2017 - The operators of fuel boats – some of the only true working boats left on the waterways – are usually stoical types, accustomed to the problems of an old and creaking system – but sometimes it gets to them, as Peter Underwood reports.

HalsalI, operated by Martin Catterall as Four Counties Fuels regularly uses the Anderton Lift as part of his delivery route, dropping down to service boats on the River Weaver.

Time to challenge silly visitor mooring limits?

June 2017 - Boaters notice that shortening visitor mooring times seems to be a knee-jerk response from Canal & River Trust and, to a lesser extent, British Waterways before them. As Peter Underwood explains, it is not particularly logical, but can boaters do anything to change it?

Certain parts of the system – ironically not the busiest – have a plethora of short duration visitor moorings. It seems to be C&RT's only answer when holiday boaters complain; even though it doesn't help.

Back Rivers finally reopen to boats and K&A gets dredged

June 2017 - We do like to pass on some of the output of C&RT's team of public relations people and the Trust has been blowing its trumpet about East London and the Kennet and Avon, as Peter Underwood reports.

Canal & Rriver Trust says it's 'welcoming boaters back to the Bow Back Rivers' that run through East London’s Olympic Park.

'None of the information you have requested is held' … or is it?

June 2017 - Canal & River Trust has denied that it holds any information relating to a working group it claims to have set up to look at the results of the 2016 Boat Owners’ Survey, Allan Richards reports

Despite repeating several times that it holds no information about the group it has still gone on to offer to talk about the possible impact the same (non-existent?) working group might have on C&RT policies in a move that leaves us gasping at the Orwellian doublethink on show.

You couldn't make it up – but C&RT did

June 2017 - It seems fiction is the new approach to controlling boaters on London's waterways where a policy of making up legislation seems to rule in the sign-making department as Alec Wood reports.

When signs started appearing in London citing “Bye-laws 29 and 48 of the Canal & River Trust Act” inexperienced boaters may have been duly impressed by the legislation – which, the signs allege, relates to mooring on canal-side railings.

C&RT still failing to fix the waterways

June 2017 - It seems C&RT is simply not repairing the network as fast as it is falling apart – something many boaters suspect from their personal experience – Allan Richards has been crunching the numbers.

Some months back, The Floater described how C&RT had failed to meet its most important maintenance target for the 2015/16 financial year. At the beginning of the year (April 1 2015), the Trust had some 59,133 recorded defects on its 2,000 miles of waterways (up from 50,579 the previous year).

If you want less litter – the answer is fewer bins - supposedly

June 2017 - There is a big issue with the amount of litter discarded on towpaths, as any boater knows, and that is especially true in urban areas where C&RT has litter bins installed to encourage visitors to dispose of their rubbish properly. Yet the Trust is in the process of removing four in ten towpath bins, as Alec Wood reports.


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