You couldn't make it up – but C&RT did

June 2017 - It seems fiction is the new approach to controlling boaters on London's waterways where a policy of making up legislation seems to rule in the sign-making department as Alec Wood reports.

When signs started appearing in London citing “Bye-laws 29 and 48 of the Canal & River Trust Act” inexperienced boaters may have been duly impressed by the legislation – which, the signs allege, relates to mooring on canal-side railings.

More experienced hands may have been scratching their head as no new legislation has been through Parliament in relation to the waterways for many years.

In reality someone in C&RT simply made it up. There is no Canal & River Trust Act – as was swiftly pointed out on social media.

Sowar Ahmed, C&RT Waterway Boating Manager for London said: “'We’re finding out what’s happened here – it looks like there was some confusion in the drafting which we’re going to correct. There is clearly no Canal & River Trust Act.”

Shaun, a London boater who saw the signs said: “When we have official signs showing C&RT writing laws that don't exist it makes me feel mistrustful of the other information C&RT provides”

National Bargee Travellers Association London chair, Marcus Trower was scornful: “We have all heard of C&RT misinterpreting Acts, such as the British Waterways Act 1995, however making up an Act takes it to the next level.

“C&RT must be held to account, when they are clearly so cavalier with reality.

“One thing is sure, we all need to be more aware of the signs C&RT puts up, they may not have any legal reality behind them.”

Photos: When unsure, just misquote some British Waterways 1965 byelaws.

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