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No answers yet to trust's data problem

September 2018 - Despite promises from Jon Horsfall, Canal & River Trust’s Head of Customer Services, to nearly a thousand customers affected by a substantial data breach on August 22 that the charity would “be in contact again once we have established the cause of the breach” no explanation has been made, as Peter Underwood reports.

River Thames Alliance in disarray after District Enforcement chief appointed to board

September 2018 - The Floater is reproducing an article from the National Bargee Travellers Association which looks at what seems to be a bid by a private parking company to take control and profit from Thames moorings – The River Thames Alliance (RTA) could face mass resignations at a critical meeting if proposals to change its unaccountable governance structure are not agreed at the forthcoming AGM on 4th September 2018. Currently RTA members have no say in the appointment of the Alliance’s directors.

Liveaboard family negotiate term time cruising pattern with C&RT

September 2018 - At least one Bargee Traveller family has successfully negotiated a Term Time Cruising Pattern with Canal & River Trust (C&RT) ahead of the new school year, as Nick Brown, National Bargee Travellers Association Legal Officer reports.

The family will spend term times within an approximate five mile stretch of waterway, staying no longer than 14 days in any one place unless a longer stay is reasonable in the circumstances.

When is a building site not a building site..?

August 2018 - It is fair to say that Burnley Canal Festival over the bank holiday weekend was not all it might have been – not because of lack of effort by the organisers but because it was lacking one vital ingredient – boats. As Alec Wood reports, just two boats managed to attend and low water levels meant they had to moor away from the festival site.

Cut-off canal celebrates 200 years

August 2018 - Everyone is preparing to celebrate what is being described as the 200th anniversary of the Lancaster Canal next year and now there is a coffee table book out to mark the event – even though the book itself makes clear that the canal was opened in instalments and 2019 marks the bicentenary of the opening of what is now the Northern Reaches. Peter Underwood has been reading it.

Directors' pay just keeps rising

August 2018 - When Canal & River Trust decided to tear down the structure established by Richard Parry and the trustees, just five years after those changes were made, we were told that 78 senior posts would be scrapped and replaced by 60 posts and that just 27 of the new jobs would be senior, earning more than £60,000 a year. Allan Richards has been looking at the impact on the Trust’s £65m a year salary bill.

C&RT responds after licence data breach

August 2018 - Canal & River Trust has suffered a substantial data leak, with boaters renewing their licences being sent details of up to 67 other boaters along with their own.

The leak seems to have affected several boaters with many taking to social media to explain and demand that the breach is dealt with under the new data protection legislation.

C&RT admits water problem on Lanky – and its not weed

August 2018 - The Lancaster Canal’s summer water supply has been an issue for boaters for many years, with the Ribble Link closed a few years ago because of low levels and the Glasson flight of locks currently shut in order to preserve water. However, simple drought isn’t the problem, as Peter Underwood reports.

At least one angry boater, moored in a Lancaster Canal Marina until recently, has given up in disgust and put his boat up for sale after repeated problems with low water levels and what he sees as a complete failure by C&RT boss Richard Parry to answer his complaints.


August 2018 - The Canal & River Trust has urged Government to consider the needs of boaters and put financial support into the development of new, cleaner technology for the waterway sector in its response to the Government’s draft Clean Air Strategy.

The charity says it is supportive of the Government’s proposed measures to improve air quality and believes the waterways have a role to play in combatting pollution and providing clean air spaces, as well as helping reduce transport pollution by moving journeys off road.


August 2018 - Asked to explain discrepancies within its own figures on canal closures, Canal and River Trust’s head of legal services claimed answering the questions, from The Floater’s Allan Richards, would cause: “harassment of, or distress to, the public authorities staff'. He added 'We do reserve the right to bring this behaviour to the attention of the relevant authorities for the purposes of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997”


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