C&RT responds after licence data breach

August 2018 - Canal & River Trust has suffered a substantial data leak, with boaters renewing their licences being sent details of up to 67 other boaters along with their own.

The leak seems to have affected several boaters with many taking to social media to explain and demand that the breach is dealt with under the new data protection legislation.

This afternoon C&RT issued a statement: “This morning (22 August 2018) we discovered a data breach in relation to licensing renewals affecting around 950 customers. We are urgently investigating the cause of this breach, which was due to a technical issue at our sub-contractor and not a breach of the Trust’s security system, and have stopped any further licence renewal emails until this is resolved. No bank details were released during the breach.

“We are contacting those customers that have been affected but any customer with concerns can contact the Trust customer service team on 0303 040 4040.”

The Trust also says it is ‘considering what further steps are necessary to take to meet our obligations under data protection legislation’.

Photo: Another breach, data this time.

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