Please feed swans - bread is OK! Sticky

Photo of underweight baby swans

Now more than ever our swans and other water birds need you. Sadly with many parks instigating a no bread policy, with no...

Boaters Pets - If found please return Sticky

London Boaters Pets Reunited poster

If you find a PET by the waterway, it may belong on a BOAT close by!

Please check here first before ever taking them away!!

Boaters - Please display this message in your windows to help people remember to check first before ever taking away our pets! Download and print it here

London Boaters Directory Sticky

Photo of a boater

Members are encouraged to add services that they would recommend - just visit this link and enter the details in the form provided.

Welcome to London Boaters Sticky

Logo for London Boaters

London Boaters is a community-based organisation initially founded in 2008 to connect boaters. Join in to contribute or just stay informed! Read about joining London Boaters here, or read more about how this website works.

Safety and Security Sticky

Photo of a safety sign

Keeping ourselves safe and our homes secure is an issue for boaters, as for people in all walks of life. However, there are certain things that boaters can do as a community to minimise the risk of crime and support each other when a crime does take place.

REMEMBER: If you are a victim of crime, try to warn other boaters in the local area. Above all, talk to your neighbours!

ALWAYS tell the police if you are the victim of crime. The more that crime is reported, the more resources will be put into the prevention of crime on the canals and rivers.

Join us

Photo of a pirate

Join us to gain access to the members areas of this website, where London Boaters communicate and plan their projects. As well as being able to contribute with comments, you may also subscribe to be alerted to any new developments as desired.

* The Floater online publication has closed *

Written by boaters for boaters, The Floater has for now closed and the website will vanish in January 2019. To preserve her extremely well researched articles and blog posts for the benefit of the waterways historical record, we feel priviliged to repost these articles here on

London Boaters appreciate NBTA London

Photo of NBTA banner at canalside

The NBTA is an open organisation which aims to defend and improve our community’s way of life.

"The NBTA London is campaigning for the rights of boat dwellers and are fundraising to cover basic costs such as awareness-raising, printing, meetings and importantly, helping other boaters. Please help us to continue our work. The NBTA's website explains why here.

London drydocks, slipways, crane-outs

Photo of Enfield Dry Dock

The original and probably most up-to-date version of this list can be found at Tims London Waterways Photos and has photos of many of the slipways, cranes and docks mentioned.

Crane Out/Hardstanding

Kecksy’s Farm – River Lee
Andy Kecksy 07707025522

Making a 12-volt strip light run on LEDs instead

We adapted our old 12-volt strip light unit to instead use an array of 12-volt LEDs, to benefit from considerably lower power consumption and more importantly never needing to buy or replace a bulb ever again! As an electronics hobbyist who is not a professional but who already does their own boat DC electrics, projects like this are totally achievable but are still best left to someone who has a proficiency and understanding of 12-volt electrics. MAINS ELECTRICS IS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MATTER AND SHOULD NEVER BE INTERFERED WITH EXCEPT BY A PROFESSIONAL!

Enclosure of the commons in the lower Lea valley - Some history and a new campaign

Image of a meeting in Copenhagen Fields

The following link leads to a recent article; Resisting enclosure past & present: East London Waterworks, Leyton Marsh, and the Leyton Lammas lands, by mudlark121 - Resisting enclosure past & present: East London Waterworks, Leyton Marsh, and the Leyton Lammas lands

Ever wondered how a smoke detector alarm works?

Photo of the smoke alarms given by the London Frie Brigade

Get free smoke detectors and CO (Carbon Monoxide) alarms !!!

The London Fire Brigade are great! Rang them this morning and within an hour they had met us on the towpath with free carbon monoxide and smoke alarms! Theirs are the proper, decent ones too (the good ones in the upper photo, not the other kind in the video). Pop into a fire station and ask, or text this number and they’ll meet you too 07496 061926.

If you would like to support the fire brigade, you can donate to


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