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Making a 12-volt strip light run on LEDs instead

We adapted our old 12-volt strip light unit to instead use an array of 12-volt LEDs, to benefit from considerably lower power consumption and more importantly never needing to buy or replace a bulb ever again! As an electronics hobbyist who is not a professional but who already does their own boat DC electrics, projects like this are totally achievable but are still best left to someone who has a proficiency and understanding of 12-volt electrics. MAINS ELECTRICS IS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MATTER AND SHOULD NEVER BE INTERFERED WITH EXCEPT BY A PROFESSIONAL!

CRT "Places" Maps defy Law and Geography

National Bargee Travellers Association statement: Canal & River Trust "Places" Maps Defy Law and Geography.

First London Boaters newsletter

The first edition of the new London Boaters newsletter is now available here!!

This issue is accompanied by two questionnaires for boaters:
Services for boaters questionnaire and

Example questionnaire

Site admin can now create questionnaires! If you would like to submit a questionnaire for publishing, feel free to comment here or message Site Admin.

Here is an example webform questionnaire, now with conditional fieldsets as featured in Cosmic's original test spec.

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