Example questionnaire

Site admin can now create questionnaires! If you would like to submit a questionnaire for publishing, feel free to comment here or message Site Admin.

Here is an example webform questionnaire, now with conditional fieldsets as featured in Cosmic's original test spec.

Please state what you had for breakfast.
Please state what you had for lunch.
Please choose 'Yes' if you have a boat and 'No' if you do not have a boat.
Boaty questions
Please answer the following questions about having a boat.
Please state where the boat is moored.
Please state what it's like where the boat is moored.
Strongly agreeAgreeNeither agree nor disagreeDisagreeStrongly disagree
I like to eat bananas
It is Sunday
I believe in better
I'm loving it
For each of the following statements, please decide how strongly you agree or disagree.
Please select the things you like from these options.
Please state what your favourite curry is.
Please state how hot you like your curry.
Please state your favourite cat.
Please state your favourite boat.
Please state your favourite beer.
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