Operation Whistleblower

Boaters whistles are a community initiative to deter burglers and warn other boaters of an attempted break-in.

If you see someone acting suspiciously, for example looking through boat windows, or if you actually see a crime taking place, BLOW YOUR WHISTLE to alert your neighbours and CONTACT THE POLICE.

EMERGENCIES - Call 999 if the crime is taking place. If the crime has already happened and the perpetrators are gone, call Project Kraken on 101.

How to use your whistle:

Please don’t cry wolf! Don’t play with whistles or use them when no crime is happening.

If you suspect a crime is taking place:

• Keep your whistle with you all the time – for example, on your keys
• Have a torch handy for when it is dark
• Blow your whistle to alert your neighbours
• Call the police straight away
• Don’t put yourself in danger – don’t act alone or confront the burgler
• Don’t carry a weapon

If you hear a whistle:

• Go outside and support the whistleblower
• Stay together. The more presence we have on the towpath, the more a deterrent we are to potential criminals

Whistles are distributed by Keith Brown for a suggested donation of 50p/£1. Contact keith.brown@corganisers.org.uk.

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