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More job losses to come at C&RT?

November 2017 - Up to 200 C&RT employees may be made redundant following a decision by the Trust to restructure in order to simplify how it works. Back in May the Floater queried why C&RT had nine highly paid directors when, in 2012, it only had six. Perhaps it is unsurprising, then, that we find out that the nine are now reduced seven. However it is not only directors that will go (or, or indeed have already gone) as Allan Richards explains.

Who are the licence dodgers?

November 2017 - How often have you seen boaters with a mooring complaining about continuous cruisers 'not paying their way' and implying that far too many are licence evaders? Now a Freedom of Information request has produced results that will surprise many – as well as questions about C&RT data on licence evasion, as Peter Underwood reports.

It began when Alan Baxter, a continuous cruiser who sits on the National Bargee Travellers Association National Committee representing Leicestershire & Warwickshire, decided to ask who were the real licence evaders.

Icknield Port Loop development - a "deathtrap" for children?

November 2017 - Plans for the first phase of the regeneration of Icknield Port Loop have been approved by Birmingham City Council. Permission was given a week ago, after a narrow 6-5 vote, for a first tranch of 117 houses and 90 flats to be built on the massive site, bounded by Edgbaston Reservoir and the New Main line, as Allan Richards reports.

Parry has his own reshuffle after shedding two directors in four months

November 2017 - After parting company with Sophie Castell as marketing, communications and fundraising director, the Canal & River Trust has now also said goodbye to Ian Rogers, as customer services and operations director and effective head of boating – seemingly matching the Prime Minister in shedding cabinet ministers – but Richard Parry has avoided a reshuffle by redistributed their roles amongst the remaining seven directors, writes Peter Underwood.

Boaters' worries come a poor second in Brum

November 2017 - Canal and River Trust's ability to ride roughshod over its paying customers and it's consistent refusal to advocate on behalf of boaters is being amply demonstrated in Birmingham, as Peter Underwood reports.

It is now clear that the narrowing of Edgbaston Tunnel will go ahead and C&RT's contractors have already closed the tunnel for a short time for initial groundwork investigations and they are currently working on designs.

Finally we have C&RT's list of 1,200 minimum safety standard failures

November 2017 - Two weeks The Floater asked whether C&RT was operating below minimum safety standards. Now C&RT, itself, has provided the answer - publishing a list containing around 1,200 instances where it is failing to comply, along with a much shorter list of instances where it has given itself a dispensation allowing itself not to comply. Allan Richards has been extracting the answers from the Trust.

Traditional launch doesn't go as planned - VIDEOS

October 2017 - A hundred years or more ago, boats on our inland waterways were often built on the bank, parallel to the cut, and launched sideways into to water. Today, it is far more common for boats to be built remote from the canal and transported by road to a place where they can be craned in. Delta Marine Services, based on the Grand Union at Warwick, does it the old way. Allan Richards was there when things didn't go quite right.

C&RT consultations go into hyper-drive

October 2017 - Within the space of a few days the Canal & River Trust has hiked boat licences, launched the third stage of its consultation on boat licences and now published it's London Mooring Strategy for yet another complex consultation. Peter Underwood takes a look at the latest offering, which hasn't yet earned the widespread condemnation of the licensing proposals.

Perhaps it is because the London Moorings strategy is born out of a genuine problem and C&RT involved lots of boaters in discussing solutions, but initial responses have not been completely dismissive.

Chantelle Seaborn strikes again

October 2017 - Many boaters and other observers have long been of the opinion that the Canal & River Trust is not serious about reopening the Northern Reaches of the Lancaster Canal and has been embarrassed by the enthusiasm and commitment of local boaters into a pretence of co-operation. Now the cracks are beginning to show, as Peter Underwood reports.

C&RT boasts of maintenance spend – but it's down £7 million this winter

October 2017 - The Canal & River Trust press release boasted in capital letters 'CHARITY SPENDS £38MILLION TO KEEP YOUR MUCH-LOVED WATERWAYS FLOWING'.


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