Has jealousy led to plots on the Lanky?

March 2017 - Peter Underwood looks at some unpleasant rumours surfacing in Lancashire.

Could it be true that the new, C&RT certified, officers of a certain NW canal charity are so fed up with their inactivity being shown up by an upstart new organisation that they are actively seeking an excuse to bring legal action against the livewire who is making them look like lightweights?

The Canal & River Trust has already persuaded the Lancaster Canal Partnership to spend thousands of pounds on a spin doctor to put a gloss on its lack of activity and the Lancaster Canal Trust, part of the Partnership, is attempting to get back into action after being banned from any restoration work by C&RT edict for two years.

Meanwhile Owd Lanky Boaters Group founder Colin Ogden has been busy restoring parts of the abandoned Northern Reaches and getting positive publicity by the bucket-load.

There are those who whisper to The Floater from within the Lancaster Canal Trust who suggest some within the organisation would be happy to see Colin hamstrung - just as they have been by C&RT - and are examining ways of using their influence within local councils to prevent his restoration work, perhaps misusing laws on heritage.

As yet no action has been taken and most canal enthusiasts would hope that such a pettiness would be beneath a formerly respected canal restoration body.

Photo: Colin Ogden making one of his many public appearances - this time at BBC Radio Lancashire.

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