Club's campaign gets stuck in - again

January 2017 - By Frank Sanderson

Whilst the Canal & River Trust steadfastly refuses to regard the Lancaster Canal's Northern Reaches as anything more than a water supply and the official canal society seems impotent in the face of the Trust's intransigence one man continues to simply get on with restoration.

​Colin Ogden and his Facebook Group Owd Lanky Boaters have the bit between their teeth and , true to form, Colin Ogden has now started work on Natland Hall bridge 182 on the in-filled section of the Lancaster canal.

Dense masses of ivy have been cut away and the roots treated.

Ron Martland, from Haydock , who was on sentry duty making sure tow-path walkers were escorted safely past, remarked on how many stopped to chat and showed acute interest in the restoration work.

Said Colin. “Bridge 180 is now complete, so we are starting work at Natland Hall after consultations with the farmer.

“Things are going well restoring these listed monuments, and we look forward to Lancaster Canal Trust making an early start to their intended work at Horse Park Bridge 179.”

Just what the Canal & River Trust make of all this action is unrecorded as Colin says the charity is refusing to communicate with him.

Photo: Local cows take a deep interest as the Owd Lanky Boaters' Group's Colin Ogden and team hack away at ivy on the bridge.

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