Return from the Lanky - and a rescue - VIDEOS

February 2017 - Peter Underwood recalls an expedition to the northern waters of the Lancashire Canal.

If the route north through the Bridgewater Canal is cleared in time, many more boaters will be planning to make the crossing of the Ribble Estuary to take a look at the Lanky. About three years ago we made the trip and I made a few videos about the preparation needed, the crossing, the canal and the return journey.

In addition I looked at the un-restored Northern Reaches which have since been adopted by a nerw group of enthusiasts led by Colin Ogden.

Drama was the hallmark of our return journey when we felt very grateful for an anchor and boating friends.

​The videos were originally produced for Towpath Talk.

​Please note these videos were shot hand-held, on a small camera, whilst trying to steer a boat so this is not broadcast-quality work.

Ribble Crossing - Preparation
Ribble Crossing - Wide Waters
Ribble Crossing - The Lancaster Canal
Ribble Crossing - The Northern Reaches
Ribble Crossing - The Return and the rescue!
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