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Project Kraken

This is the Metropolitan Police’s Marine Unit. They have jurisdiction of the canals and rivers in London.


Telephone: 101

The police advise that we familiarise ourselves with the local area each time we moor somewhere new, so they can get to us quickly if a crime does take place.

Look for a street sign or memorable sight and calculate approximately how far you are from, it in which direction.

Thinking of buying a boat in London?

If you're looking at boats in the capital (and you don't know boats) then beware that there are some rotten deals. Often ancient hulls that are probably pretty knackered, painted up, done up nicely inside, but being offered at a premium to people who want a cheap apartment.

Never compare a boat to a flat to decide whether it's a good deal, compare it to other boats.

The hull (and the age of the hull) is the most important thing. Try to buy as new as you can afford. Because the hull is the most difficult/expensive thing to fix. Followed by the engine. Everything else you can alter.

LILO website

A boater set it up many years ago with the idea that anyone can get editing rights and put up a page of info, about how to do things, electrics, maintenance, painting, engines, stuff like that, or add to whats there already. There have also been three LILO boaters gatherings. LILO isn't really anyone, its there as a resource and for anyone who wants to input.


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